Common Questions

Q.1  Where are you located?

A : We are located in the beautiful heritage city of Jaipur(Rajasthan) India.

Q.2  Do you have a store/showroom/outlet anywhere?

A : Sorry, currently we do not have any physical store anywhere. We have our working office in Jaipur from where we operate. If you want to visit us in person you are most welcome. Please book your appointment prior at

Q.3  How should I pay on your website ?

A : Currently we have two payment gateways available on our online store. If you are making a purchase within India, we highly recommend you to use Razorpay as your payment mode. It is totally safe and secured payment gateway operating on many popular online stored in India. If you are located abroad: PyaPal Express Checkout is for you. If you face any issues in the checkout process or your payment is getting rejected please immediately contact us on our chat support or you can directly whatsapp us on : +91-9829937444. We will help you with the best possible way.

Q.4  What is 925 Sterling Silver? Is it pure silver? what is the difference?

A : Pure silver basically is 99.9% silver with 0.1% of copper in it. Sterling silver is an alloy of 92.5% silver and the rest is majorly copper. Sterling silver is also named 925 Silver or 925 Sterling Silver. The reason behind making jewelry from Sterling silver instead of pure silver is that pure silver is very soft for making fine detailed jewelry or gemstone studded jewelry therefore to increase the hardness copper is added which provides strength and durability both. Pure silver also has a natural tendency to oxidize with a black coating over it when exposed to a moist environment. Sterling silver on other hand retains its luster for a very long time (if taken care of) and does not get oxidized as much as the pure silver jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry is a benchmark of fine silver jewelry across the world and is widely recognized and accepted everywhere. Sterling silver jewelry always has a 925 marking somewhere on the surface of the product that confirms its purity.

Q.5  German Silver is also Silver?

A : Not at all. German Silver has no silver in it. It is an alloy of Copper, Zinc & Nickel (sometimes traces of Lead & Tin). Please do not believe or get cheated by people selling German Silver jewelry saying it has silver in it. German silver jewelry is very toxic for skin & body and is banned in many countries on imports or exports. Although people get fooled over the similar appearance & cheaper price of the finished jewelry, we recommend you to always buy Sterling Silver jewelry from genuine sources.

Q.6  Is 50% Silver jewelry genuine?

A : Couple of jewelry stores sell silver jewelry saying it has 50% silver in it. Again it is not any authentic benchmark and is not genuine at all. Such jewelry will have other harmful metals mixed in them and is not recognized anywhere in the world as genuine silver jewelry. Don’t waste your money on such scams. 925 Sterling Silver jewelry is the best and the most genuine silver jewelry available.

Q.7  Will my Sterling Silver jewelry get black/oxidized?

A : All the jewelry manufactured by us has a premium rhodium coating or gold plating over it. This coating not only provides a rich look and finishing to the product but also acts as a shield against the outer environment. Silver has natural phenomena to get oxidized when exposed to a moist environment it creates a black coating over it. Although in the case of sterling silver jewelry the chances of your jewelry turning black are very less although with years or regular use it can get dull or pale which is an obvious outcome that can occur on gold jewelry as well.

Q.8 Can I wear my silver jewelry daily?

A : Sure you can, silver is one of the safest and noble metals on earth. It has many benefits on your body both scientifically and astrologically. Although definitely, the jewelry piece will get dull with regular use due to daily contact with water, moisture, dust, pollution, etc which you should consider in mind.

Q.9  Is Silver safe for my skin?

A : Definitely, it is, Silver & Gold has been a part of body adornment since ancient human civilization. Silver is one of the most non-reactive metals on earth and in fact, has many health benefits for humans. Silver brings positive energies to your body and has a very calming and soothing effect when it gets in contact with your skin.

Q.10  What is Rhodium plating? Will my gold/rhodium plating fade away?

A : Rhodium is one of the most expensive metals found on earth, even much expensive than gold. It comes from the family of Platinum and has a beautiful shiny lustrous white appearance. Generally white gold and nowadays silver jewelry also is coated by a thin layer of Rhodium by the process of electroplating. This not only gives a beautiful shiny appearance to the metal but also makes it scratch proof.

 Gold or Rhodium plating will definitely fade off with years of use. The more frequently you wear the jewelry and it rubs against your skin, it will make the coating to wear off. Therefore we always suggest cleaning the jewelry properly with a soft cloth after wearing and store in a clean jewelry box (not made of velvet material). This will make the plating last for years with the same luster and shine. The plating can always be redone at a little price.

Q.11  Can you send the parcel packed as a gift?

A : Sure, for any such requests please mail us at after placing your order. We will do our best to make the packaging look special.

Q.12  How to know my ring size or bangle size?

A : We have provided a ring size chart please go through it, also there are many videos on youtube that you can check to understand how to check your bangle or ring size. They will be of great help for sure.

Q.13  Can you make customization in the product displayed on your website?

A : Sure, we can do that. Although it all depends on the type of customization and the nature of the product. Almost all the designs can be customized but customization can take time depending on the availability or complexity of the process. We are frequently doing customizations like resizing rings, change in color gemstones, change the wearing mechanism, etc. Please note the changes can be charged extra concerning the extra time and cost spent over it. You can always mail us at to request customizations (preferred before the purchase).

Q.14  Can you create a new design as per my requirements?

A : Definitely, we have always been into designing and making bespoke jewelry in gold and silver with precious or semiprecious gemstones. We love designing something unique & exclusive for you. You can contact us at for such requirements.

Q.15  Do you do wholesale or take bulk orders?

A : Yes, we do. Having an in-house designing and manufacturing setup we can deliver any such demands. For inquiries please mail at

Q.16  What type of gemstones are you using? are they natural or synthetic?

A : We are using a wide range of gemstones in our jewelry. We use natural gemstones and synthetic gemstones both depending on the collection type. Each product page has clear information about the type of gemstone used. Please always read the product details properly before making any purchase to avoid confusion.

Q.17  Can I clean my jewelry with soap, acid, or chemical washes?

A : You have to be always wise during the cleaning of your silver jewelry. If you want to clean dirt from your piece we recommend dipping it for few minutes in lukewarm water mixed with a few drops of liquid soap. After that clean the piece properly with a soft cloth and dry all the excess water or moister with a hairy dryer. Please do not use any other chemicals as it might damage the gemstone or the metal.


If you still have any questions you are always welcome to share them with us. Please click on Contact Us and send us the message or mail at, we will answer you earliest as possible. Take care.